Rhea Ripley Visa Story False, She’s Still In U.S.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Rhea Ripley’s travel visa had expired and as such, she was sent back to Australia. It was suggested that this travel issue was the reason she was booked to lose the NXT Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 36 and that fans might not see her on NXT programming for some time. With WWE taping a number of shows right away and Ripley supposedly out of the country, that made sense.

Fortunately, that story turns out to be untrue.

Ripley took to social media on Wednesday to put a squash to the report by PWInsider, She wrote, “Yo wrestling world… still in America…,”  She posted a video that shows her home in Orlando with her boyfriend and pets present.

She did not mention anything about a travel visa, but one has to assume that the look on her face and the post right after the report suggests there’s no such issue.

With the updated news, it seems likely that Ripley will not be off of NXT programming and one might expect after how well her match with Charlotte was received, the two may continue battling.

As for Charlotte, there’s still no indication as to whether or not she’ll move exclusively to NXT or get to work all the brands as the NXT Champion like she’s hoping to.

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