Rey Mysterio Injured, Out for WrestleMania 35?

During Monday’s match against Baron Corbin, it appears Rey Mysterio has suffered an ankle injury and is questionable for WrestleMania 35 according to reports by

On Tuesday, the company announced that the Mysterio match that was set to take place on SmackDown vs. Andrade will not be happening and Rey will be re-evaluated prior to his scheduled U.S. Title match against Samao Joe on Sunday.

It is not certain if this is a storyline from WWE to sell the victory by Corbin or if Mysterio is really hurt but if the match cannot go on as planned, it will be interesting to see what happens with the United States title bout. Will the match be cancelled or will Samoa Joe have a different opponent?

If a replacement is made, one logical guess might be Kevin Owens. He is scheduled to interview AJ Styles and Randy Orton tonight and speculation was he might be added to that matchup. Perhaps he makes more sense as an opponent for Joe if one is needed.

The injury is thought to be legitimate because it would be odd for WWE to pull Mysterio with his son Dominick a part of the storyline leading up to the match.

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