[Report] Dean Ambrose Has Indie Bookings Line Up

As per the Wrestling Observer, Dean Ambrose is not going to AEW, WWE or another big promotion, at least not yet.

Ambrose is set to return to the indies as Jon Moxley sometime in June, and while there’s no timetable on how long he’s going to be there or whether or not he jumps back into one of the bigger companies later in the summer, it sounds like Ambrose wants the opportunity to charge money per appearance and booking, while keeping control over the dates and amount he works.

Speculation is that part of the reason WWE gave Ambrose such a nice sendoff was because he wasn’t going to re-sign, no matter how much money was offered and second, he wasn’t jumping to AEW. Had they thought he would, they wouldn’t have done all they did as he left. WWE believes he’ll be back, but only when he’s ready.

For now, Ambrose looks to be ready to enjoy the life of a free agent and work some of the smaller shows for more money. He is now free to work for whoever he wants as there is not a non-compete clause with WWE.

This also gives him total creative freedom over his character, something he’s wanted for a number of years.

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