Randy Orton Accepts WWE Challenge for Aleister Black

For weeks, Aleister Black has been asking who wants to come out and challenge him to a fight. Saying the only reason he’s not yet debuted is that no one would call him out, he’s been patiently waiting.

Last week, he offered an open challenge. He said people were too cowardly to accept. Saying his track record speaks for itself, what he will inflict, isn’t exactly daddy’s WWE. He says, until “somebody, anybody, decides to be a man and come here and knock at my door and picks a fight with me.”

WWE then asked on social media who might be the one to accept that challenge, hinting one of Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Lars Sullivan or Buddy Murphy. Late night Saturday, one of those six options raised their hand.

Randy Orton decided to answer WWE’s question with a simple, “@RandyOrton.”

Logical Next Step for Orton

Coming off a big win over Triple H at Super ShowDown, Orton now has the opportunity to return the favor of offering a big win to another star. It makes sense WWE would choose Black.

Black is one of the bright young talents WWE is hoping will become a big star. One good way to help speed that process along is by having a veteran or Orton’s status work with him.

If Black accepts or if WWE wants to go in this direction is unclear. Expect an announcement soon from the company if Orton was told to go ahead and answer the challenge.

From there, where Black goes is unknown.

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