R-Truth Loses and Regains 24/7 Title While Golfing [Video]

Well, when WWE said the 24/7 Championship could be won and lost in unpredictable ways, they weren’t kidding.

While Carmella and R-Truth were out golfing, Jinder Mahal attacked Truth from behind and won the 24/7 Championship with a roll-up pin on the driving range on Sunday.

A few seconds later R-Truth rolled up Mahal as The Modern Day Maharaja tried to take the title off the golf cart and won it back. R-Truth is now the three-time 24/7 Champion and Mahal probably the title holder with the shortest stint as a champion. So as not to lose it again, Truth and Carmella fled the scene in their golf cart.

The sight of Truth hanging off the back of the cart as he tried to get out of dodge was actually fairly funny.

Expect More and More Of This

Certainly, this title change will be shown on Raw this Monday and it will be interesting to see the company builds toward a program with Mahal and Truth heading into Super ShowDown on June 7, 2019. So far the championship has been all about Truth avoiding everyone, but Mahal would be a special attraction in Saudi Arabia and WWE might be building towards something there.

One of the mandates of the 24/7 title was that it was supposed to help WWE’s social media platforms and having title changes like this on YouTube and Twitter will certainly help that.

This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but to say the least, it’s entertaining.

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