Possible Rumored Ronda Rousey Return Date to WWE Surfacing

Despite comments made by Ronda Rousey this weekend and despite some wrestlers being upset about those comments, there’s still plenty of buzz that Rousey will eventually make her return to WWE. Even she stated she loved her time there, regardless of whether or not the fans showed her enough appreciation to warrant leaving her family at home.

As far as a Rousey return to WWE is concerned, during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer remarked that he was told Rousey is coming back for another match. Speculation is that it will be for WrestleMania when they go Hollywood next year. Meltzer said:

“I would not think that she’ll be back until the build toward next year’s WrestleMania. That’s my gut on it, but no one’s told me that. People there have told me that she will be back at one point for another match. WrestleMania makes the most sense for that.”

One thing is for certain, she won’t be back anytime soon. Between her comments and the COVID-19 pandemic that is keeping her home on her Browser Acres estate, there’s no rush to bring her back and she probably wouldn’t come if asked.

For now, fans will have to hear about a possible rumored return while WWE tries to navigate their live versus taped shows and a host of other production issues that keep popping up as they forge ahead during this crisis.

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