Possible Future Plans For Drew McIntyre After WrestleMania

If some inside information about the original plans for WrestleMania, plus the Chronicle documentary and the comments within it made by Drew McIntyre are any indication, WWE has a plan for McIntyre’s future post-WrestleMania 36. 

Warning: This next bit of information may reveal a spoiler on tonight’s match between Drew McIntyre and Brock Lesnar. DO NOT READ if you don’t want any idea as to what might go down…

For those that took the opportunity to watch the Chronicle series that featured McIntyre on WWE Network, they may have gotten an inside look as to what WWE had planned for McIntyre on the way to, at, and after WrestleMania 36. The entire series talks about his build toward The Showcase of the Immortals, specifically talking about his storybook return and work towards having a “WrestleMania moment.” It was a phrase mentioned quite often throughout the special. 

So too, according to some reports, the original plan for Wrestlemania 36 at Raymond James Stadium was for Drew McIntyre to have the iconic pyro and streamers finish to close the show. While WWE obviously cannot do that for this year’s show, the plans to make him their titleholder and carry the company forward may not have changed.

In fact, there is some belief that WWE sees Drew as a perfect fit for a champion at a time that fans are looking to a hero that can help lift them up in a very trying time. The idea behind this year’s show was create “feel-good” moments and there might be none bigger that crowning Drew the WWE’s Heavyweight Champion. 

McIntyre Is Ready For The Challenge

Dave Meltzer also noted that “even if you can’t deliver on atmosphere, you can on endings and stories.” when talking about this year’s show. WWE apparently feels McIntyre can carry the flag for them in a time where they want to forge ahead. 

McIntyre also mentioned that he now sees his WrestleMania moment as something completely different than how he first envisioned it. Before, it was about seeing the reward for all his hard work. Now, it’s about carrying the torch. 

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