Peyton Royce Reveals Future of Iiconics Tag Team

One-half of the tag team The Iiconics, Peyton Royce, is staying busy these days. She’s all over Instagram and constantly shooting TikTok videos, catching the attention of the WWE Universe as one of the most attractive female WWE Superstars on the roster. The only issue for Royce is, her and her tag team partner Billie Kay haven’t been busy in WWE.

In fact, it’s been months since either was seen on WWE programming and there’s been a ton of speculation that if, and when WWE brings them back, it won’t be as a team.

Royce recently noted on Instagram, there is a future for the group in WWE.

In her most recent Instagram Story, while answering series of fan questions from a Q&A about her training regiment, Netflix shows and favorite pizza, Royce answered one question that asked when The IIconics will make their return to WWE TV.

“The IIconics will be making a comeback,” Royce said. “Can I tell you when? No.”

So, there you have it. There’s not much detail there, only that the team is not done in WWE.

Considering their chemistry as a heel tag team, it wouldn’t make sense to split the group up. They weren’t everyone’s flavor, but the group did have a ton of support from a chunk of the WWE fan base, especially those who loved their backstage videos and promos that would air exclusively on or the YouTube pages.

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