Person Behind Mystery Graphics Makes First Appearance On SmackDown

In what appears to be only the beginning of a storyline that will see a new character revealing secrets and untruths being kept by WWE Superstars, WWE has finally showed the man/woman behind the graphics that have been interrupting the SmackDown broadcasts each week.

As things broke down between Otis, Tucker and Dolph Ziggler, and when Mandy Rose came out to tell everyone to stop fighting, a hooded man appeared on the screen and said “the truth will finally be heard.” He/she then revealed what Sonya Deville had done to set up Otis with fake text messages.

He showed a series of videos of Deville messing with Otis and working with Dolph behind the scenes. “You’re gonna get what you want, I’m gonna get what I want, everyone’s going to win.” Deville said as the camera panned out to reveal Dolph and Deville were working together. Rose was livid and Dolph wasn’t sure what to make of the footage. Rose left the arena with an embarrassed Deville following. Dolph ran off.

Just The Start Of This Character?

This has got to be the start of a character that is going to reveal lies that WWE Superstars are telling. My guess is that this is not exclusive to this particular storyline.

If so, who is behind all this? Does this person consider themselves some kind of superhero? Or, is this WWE reliving the GTV gimmick all over again?

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