Paul Heyman To Make Special Appearance On Monday’s Raw

It’s safe to assume that WWE is aware of the type of promotional material the buildings that host Monday Night Raw are sending out in an attempt to sell tickets and generate interest in the show. So, when The American Airlines Center in Dallas sent out a special email saying, “See what Paul Heyman has in store for Monday Night RAW!”, we have to assume they know.

That’s an interesting aspect of the show to promote…

Most wrestling fans who follow the industry closely have heard the news that Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were hired as Executive Directors for Raw and SmackDown Live respectively. But, from reports we’ve heard, there was no plan by WWE to address that as part of a storyline.

Should that have changed, promoting Heyman in such a way makes sense. If it hasn’t, one has to wonder what the advocate for Brock Lesnar could possibly say that is worthy of being the focal point of the building’s promotional efforts. After all, Heyman showing up on Raw is hardly shocking news. If Bischoff showed up, sure. Not so much with Heyman.

Will He Talk Like a Director or an Advocate?

Heyman is now in charge, but are fans supposed to know that as they watch Raw each Monday? If so, things will have to change in terms of Heyman working with Brock Lesnar each week. has not provided a preview for the show, nor mentioned anything in respect to Heyman being on Raw. This is all coming from the American Airlines Center. They are also advertising Baron Corbin vs. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and Lacey Evans vs. RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch for Monday’s RAW.

I Pick the Briefcase

I’m sticking with the idea that Heyman could announce something in relatio to the Money in the Bank briefcase and that WWE is merely betting that fans know about the hirings and will tune in, just in case Heyman drops something intriguing about the future of Monday nights.

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