NWA: Jazz Vacates Women’s Championship

In a bit of surprising news, the National Wrestling Alliance announced Monday that Jazz had vacated the NWA World Women’s Championship and subsequently wouldn’t be appearing at the Crockett Cup. The promotion also announced that a new champion would be crowned at the event Saturday as Allysin Kay would be taking on an opponent to be named later in the week with more details to come.

This is certainly a bit curious as Jazz had held the championship for nearly 950 days after winning the title from Amber Gallows at NWA Texoma in September 2016.

At this time, NWA has yet to reveal why the title was vacated and why Jazz is no longer set to defender her title. More information will likely come in time, though, as things start to unravel naturally with time.

Jazz is a veteran of the industry and has spent the last eight years wrestling on the independent circuit following time in ECW, WWE, Women Superstars Uncensored and various other promotions. She’s still been very entertaining in the ring and has been more than capable of putting on a good match despite being in the industry for so long.

She was also included in the lawsuit against WWE centered around brain trauma and injuries. on that list were 51 individuals, including names like Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Snuka, Paul Ordndorff, Chavo Guerrero, Chavo Classic, Earl Hebner, Marty Jannetty, Heidenreich, Silvain Grenier and many others.

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