No WWE Stars Have Tested Positive For COVID-19

During a trying time for a lot of people, there’s some good news coming out of WWE today. Despite some wrestlers feeling ill and not being part of WrestleMania this weekend, no one in WWE has tested positive for COVID-19, according to Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer.

WWE superstars like Rey Mysterio, Dana Brooke, The Miz and Murphy were told to stay away from the tapings this week because they weren’t feeling well, but that was a precautionary measure taken by WWE. None of those Superstars have tested positive for the virus.

Meltzer wasn’t able to say how many wrestlers actually were tested from WWE because not everyone who took part in the tapings was, but there is some speculation, most, if not all of the wrestlers who took part might have been tested.

Obviously, this is also really good news for a Superstar like Roman Reigns, who will no longer be going up against Goldberg for the Universal Title after pulling out of the show. Reigns was said to have been concerned abot his involvement after The Miz showed up to the Performance Center under the weather and then pulled from the event. Reigns, as most people know, is still battling with leukemia and can not fight off the disease as well as others.

Stephanie McMahon has been very public over the past few days discussing the measures in which WWE has taken to ensure the performers and productions crew’s safety. Saying no one was able to enter if they had over a 100.4 temperature and that “We’re shooting in waves”, she noted that WWE was following all guidelines and going the extra mile to ensure a pandemic-free environment.

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