No Way Jose Reacts to WWE Release [Video]

One of the stars on the list of released Superstars today, No Way Jose took to Twitter to comment on his release today. He shared a heartfelt video focusing on his time in WWE, the pandemic and staying safe.

“So as you might have heard, I am no longer with WWE so I just want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to me.” He added, “Thanks for whether you cheered for me, booed for me, danced with me, thought I was silly, just thank you for making it all worth while.”

He thanked WWE, the locker room and said he has stories for days and that the memories will last forever.

He added that he didn’t know his last trip to Raw would actually be his last trip and that he would have let it soak in more had he known. He’s hoping this isn’t the end and that the important thing here is to stay safe during this pandemic and take care of yourself, your loved ones and take it seriously.

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