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Nia Jax Responds to Heat Over Raw Spot With Shot at Ronda Rousey

Already a performer who has gotten a little heat on her in the past for being less-than careful in the ring, Nia Jax is taking some heat over the last 24 hours for having dumped Kairi Sane into the turnbuckle on Raw this past Monday in a nasty looking spot.

Everyone appears to have escaped without injury, but Jax is taking some criticism because she’s one of the wrestlers who took issue with Ronda Rousey’s fake fighting comments and in a video chat posted a couple of weeks ago, claimed she had to step in on Alexa Bliss’ behalf because someone was being to stiff in the ring and leaving Bliss injured all the time. That Jax now appears to have been close to injuring someone else isn’t a great look.

You can see the spot in the video below:

Jax then took to Twitter after Raw and posted a video of the actual spot saying, “Since @KairiSaneWWE can’t anything about it, maybe @RondaRousey would like to try #Samoan4Real

The tweet was met with responses that Jax seems completely unaware that she could have seriously hurt Sane and that Sane was trusting her with her body. One person (@drlcartman) wrote:

You know, I understand that on Twitter you can continue your character building, but Kairi just had a concussion. If this was unintentional, you were sloppy and endangered her well being. If it was intentional, someone should be reprimanded/fired. We don’t want injuries.

In the end, if this a was botch by Jax, it’s not probably wise to brag about it. And, if it was on purpose, why was this a spot that was permitted? She had talked in her video about being upset that WWE would allow someone so much bigger and stronger than Bliss to rag-doll her around the ring. At the very least, this spot seems hypocritical.

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