New Wyatt Firefly Fun House Concept Art Posted Online

What might be new teasers for the look and feel of the FireFly Fun House match are now online, thanks to Bray Wyatt’s tatoo artist and friend Kyle Scarborough.

Many fans in the WWE Universe are wondering what the Firefly Fun House match at WrestleMania 36 might look like, more specifically, how WWE will have used the time and pre-recorded aspects of filming this year’s match in advance. WWE had a lot of time to do something very cool and new concept art suggests they’ve done just that.

We posted earlier that Wyatt teased cartoonish beasts and tagged people who also tweeted some teaser photos. Scarborough tweeted a photo of an old cabin, suggesting the match isn’t taking place inside the WWE Performance Center but inside a closed set made up to look like a Fun House.

He tweeted another photo on Tuesday, this time showing what might concept art for the inside of the Fun House.

Words are written on the wall, what appears to be a sacrificed pig is hanging from the roof and John Cena’s posted is on the floor with the writing, “Your Time Is Up”.

If this is what the Firefly Fun House is going to look like, it’s horrific and awesome, all at the same time.

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