Adam Cole Wins NXT Championship at Takeover: XXV

New NXT Heavyweight Champion Crowned at Takeover: XXV

Adam Cole is officially the new NXT Champion. Cole defeated Johnny Gargano at NXT Takover: XXV to capture the title for the first time.

After an insane match (potentially best of the year) Gargano lay outside the ring while Undisputed Era came down to celebrate with the new champ. The faction stood in the ring and posed to close the show.

What a Match

If you like close falls, insane spots, near death-like action and back-and-forth drama, then you probably loved this match. It had everything you could ask for as a wrestling fan.

Some might argue that the two competitors didn’t sell each other’s finishers as well as maybe they should have but it went both ways and gets lost in the overall presentation. Cole and Gargano are certainly among the two best wrestlers on the planet.

The bout featured great sequences and some unbelievable spots and full marks have to go to HHH for putting these two together and letting them tear the house down.

What’s Next?

This is one win for Gargano and one win for Cole. It makes sense that there might be a rubber match to finally settle the score. I don’t think fans would have an issue with that.

Bring on Cole vs. Gargano III.

If not that, one has to wonder if NXT will pick up on the storyline that there was dissension in the group. With Cole now the champion, it wouldn’t be hard to fathom someone like Roderick Strong getting a bit jealous.

Great Takover

From everything we’re reading, fans loved this pay-per-view. It would serve Vince McMahon to pay attention and note that this is how a show should be booked. Strong matches, strong build, let the wrestlers do their thing and give them the floor to shine.

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