New Batista My Spy Movie Trailer Drops

I don’t know about you, but this new movie, My Spy, starring Dave Bautista actually looks funny!

A CIA agent who can’t quite grasp the idea of intelligence as part of his job because he’s too good at killing all the bad guys is on one more assignment that he has to get right or he loses his job. While scouting a crew, a nine-year-old happens to wander into where he and his partner are camped out and starts recording on her phone that she found them. Not ready to be outed by a kid, he agrees to strike a deal with the girl and teaches her the art of being a spy to help with deal with her own personal school-related issues.

Yes, not exactly the kind of idea on paper that screams Academy Award winner…

Typically, action stars like WWE’s and Guardians of the Galaxy Batista would get run through the mud for making a “kid movie” in the vein of The Rock’s Tooth Fairy, but the trailer previews what should be a funny, excellently timed, comedic win for the WrestleMania star and former WWE Champion.

Batista has a subtle charm to him which made him the perfect casting choice for Drax and he looks to have nailed another character with his personality which shifts his soft but also tough and action-ready physique.

Some will argue that it’s action star initiation to do a movie like this but from the short preview, this might be a movie worth giving a chance to.

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