MVP Crowns Himself New WWE US Champion

In a bit of a shocking mover, MVP is apparently the new United States Champion. He crowned himself the champion at Extreme Rules after Apollo Crews was announced to have failed his pre-match physical and could not compete due to the previous actions of Bobby Lashley on Raw.

MVP came to the ring, bragged that Bobby Lashley was too strong and his full nelson was too effective. He’d joke and say that Lashley would have to refrain from doing so in the future if it would cost him any sort of advancement in his own career.

This is just the next chapter in what’s already been an interesting storyline with MVP and Lashley. It’s no secret that MVP is very intent on creating a new stable in WWE and though Crews has been courted by MVP in recent weeks, this could go much further than Crews and even the United States Championship in the coming weeks and months.

It’ll also be interesting to see if WWE is actually going to move forward with MVP as the United States Champion or if his self-declared Championship win will be overturned. For now, we’ve seen no indication either way.

If this title reign does hold up for MVP, it would mark his third stint as champion and his first major title win since returning to WWE in 2020.

What Does This Mean for Apollo Crews?

Beyond MVP, the biggest question left to be asked is what does this mean for Crews moving forward? It would be foolish to speculate as to why he was absent or if there’s more to this story than WWE chose to share, but something seems odd about the entire situation.

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Crews was on fire in recent weeks and WWE certainly seemed to be completely behind him. While 50/50 booking isn’t new in WWE, it’s still weird that WWE would just take the Championship off of Crews without him ever losing the title just because of backstage creative plans. There’s likely more to this, either behind the scenes or in terms of storyline advancement.

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