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Mustafa Ali Quietly Moved to Raw Brand

According to PWInsider, Mustafa Ali has been quietly shifted to the Raw brand ahead of his eventual return to television. Currently, Ali is still listed on WWE.com’s SmackDown brand page, but if the report is accurate, that could change. So too, it raises flags about what that might mean for the SmackDown hacker character.

Until recently, Ali was the consensus pick by most fans and insiders to play that role. But, as messages from The Message have slowly disappeared, there is doubt that WWE is moving forward and with Ali’s move, certainly doubt he’s been pegged to play the role.

The Message hasn’t interrupted a show in some time, nor has he/she update their Twitter page since May 18. Chad Gable was also a possible suspect but he returned to SmackDown a couple of weeks ago.

If there is more news on Ali’s move, we’ll be sure to update the information as it becomes available.

It will be good to have Ali back as he’s not been on WWE programming in months.

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