Moxley Sends Symbolic and Literal F’U to WWE

If Jon Moxley going over to AEW and signing a multi-year contract with the newest wrestling promotion wasn’t already a big F’U to Vince McMahon and WWE, his message early Sunday morning is.

After debuting at Double Or Nothing and taking out Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega and a referee, Moxley posed with Cody backstage in an entertaining, yet possibly also telling photo.

Both AEW stars held flipped the camera the bird and the insinuation is that they are directing this at WWE.

Cody took time during his big match with his brother Dustin on Saturday evening to fire a symbolic shot at HHH and the WWE for calling AEW a piss ant promotion. Destroying a throne on stage, it made for good watching but also smelled a little like Cody was getting off task when he could have ignored The Game and just gotten down to the business of making AEW awesome!

That’s where Moxley comes in. Outside of CM Punk, there’s not a bigger-named star that could have shown up. Cleary, he chose AEW because the creative freedom (and potentially spot on the roster) is so much better. One example is giving the middle finger to everyone. That’s not something you’d see the PG WWE do.

This tweet is only the second tweet on his new Twitter account since posting a video that’s been seen almost 3 million times.

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