More Than 50k People Denied AEW All Out Tickets

Earlier today we wrote about AEW’s pay-per-view All Out selling out of tickets in less than 15 minutes. The news surfacing now is that AEW had more than 50 thousand people waiting in line to buy seats and denied the ability to attend the event.

This is a huge number for AEW and means that, had seats been available, the company might have been able to sell out an arena that sat 70+ thousand people. This would make All Out a WrestleMania-sized event!

Wrestlers from AEW took to social media to comment on how quickly the event sold out and the numbers are telling of what the new wrestling promotion might be able to do in the future when it comes to where they book their shows. Could we be seeing AEW consider an arena that is much larger than ever projected? It makes sense to assume that might be the next step.

Speculation is that AEW could have sold 100,000 tickets for All Out based on interest this morning. Pics of the waiting line from Sears Arena have surfaced on social media and the demand was ridiculous. The highest number of fans “in line” is reportedly in the 70,000 – 77,000 range. There was a limit of 4 tickets per purchase.

Unfortunately, scalpers did pick up a large portion of All Out tickets and immediately posted them on Stubhub, in some cases at $999, $1500, $1750, $2000, $2295, $2499 and a few for $5000. This is an issue AEW is going to need to be aware of moving forward.

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