[Spoiler] A WWE Champion Also Pulled From WrestleMania Match

Some will consider the following information a spoiler, so if you don’t want to know some of the names being removed from the WrestleMania 36 card, don’t read on.

** You’ve been warned…

There are more names being added to the list of those now off the WrestleMania 36 show. Among them is one-half of the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Miz, who reportedly did not work the tapings in Orlando this week.

Speculation is, The Miz being sick is directly related to Roman Reigns’ decision to pull himself out of WrestleMania 36. Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com noted The Miz played a role in Roman Reigns deciding to not participate in the match with Bill Goldberg:

“It was interesting because he [Reigns] was there and he made the call and it had to do in some form with Miz being sick and the Usos not being happy about it. I don’t know much else, but that’s all I was told. You know it’s a weird story because if you followed it because basic logic was that he should have stayed home. Everyone’s got a risk, but his risk was high — his reward was high too, but his risk was really high too. For a guy who has kids… it was his decision, but that decision shouldn’t have been put on him.”

There are no details on how sick The Miz is, and for all we know, he could have simply had a fever over the 100.4 degree cut-off line for WWE, who then pulled him.

One other name that might be moved from the show is Bobby Lashley. He was set to face Aleister Black and there are conflicting reports about whether or not he taped his match already and was then pulled, making it impossible for WWE to build up to the bout. Or, if he was pulled before the match.

Lashley is being reported as having traveled to South Africa and one of the precautions for WWE is that anyone who has traveled internationally will be automatically excluded.

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