More Names Added to WWE Releases, Including Kurt Angle

The names of WWE Superstars being released keeps adding up. The latest names to be added are Aiden English, Sara Logan, and Kurt Angle. And, a string of producers have been let go as well including Billy Kidman, Mike Rotunda, Dave Finlay, Pat Buck, Shawn Daivari, Scott Armstrong, Sarah Stock, Shane Helms and Lance Storm who have either been furloughed by or departed WWE as part of today’s cutbacks, has confirmed.

WWE Superstars who have been released are starting to chime in with their responses to the news. Curt Hawkins tweeted:

Last time I got fired I had a really funny tweet in response to it. Doesn’t really feel appropriate today. I will say this, a lot of very talented ppl lost their jobs today and out of this disaster the PRO WRESTLING community will rise stronger than ever!

Fit Finlay kept his comments short and sweet saying, “These guys know!!” when responding to a tweet that noted, “All pubs in Northern Ireland (and Ireland in general) are obligated to give @ringfox1 free pints for life when this is all over.” He then later tweeted:

To everyone on Gods green earth. Thank you for the kind words. I’ve been doing this for 46 years(Wrestling)I pray you all get through this and we can share a hug and drink again. Stay healthy. (SD)

This will be a huge loss for the women’s division as Finlay was crucial in their rise during the Women’s Evolution.

Hurricane Helms tweeted, “I knew I shouldn’t have answered that call.”

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