Mojo Rawley Debuts New Look on WWE Main Event

Fans have been waiting a while for Mojo Rawley to re-debut on WWE programming. The company has been dropping hints that he’d be back but not like the Mojo fans remembered.

Talking to a mirror and, in a way, putting himself on blast, the “Hyped” Mojo was gone and something else was coming.

On Main Event, Rawley made his debut.

No, it wasn’t Raw or SmackDown, WWE decided to put Rawley on a B-show that probably signifies his new gimmick is already doomed, but at least they didn’t drop it completely.

Mojo appeared in the opening match of the show this week to take on Heath Slater. He had new entrance music, new gear, and a long blue sleeveless hoodie with blue face paint that looked like cracks running down his face.

What Can Fans Expect from the New Mojo?

The announcers sold his return as one that came after months of self-reflection. Apparently what he learned was that he needed to be a whole lot more vicious.

During the match, Mojo showed a newfound mean streak and ultimately won with the Alabama Slam. 

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