Miz and Morrison Drop New Music Single Days Before WrestleMania

We can only imagine this song blaring in front of 80,000 people at Raymond James Stadium. It would have been a moment. Instead, we’ll probably have to settle for a teaser on SmackDown this Friday night as WWE announces that The Miz won’t even be a part of WWE’s biggest show of the year.

Still.. the song is pretty hilarious. And, not terrible either.

Since the moment Morrison returned to WWE, he’s been closely linked with The Miz. The two partners reformed their tag team and have gone on a tremendous streak since that time, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships and picking up where they left off so many years ago.

They are one of the more entertaining teams in WWE and they’re always up to something nutty. This song is just another example. Have a listen. It’s not the best written song in the world… but then again, we’re not so sure that’s the point.

WrestleMania is this weekend and it appears Morrison will take on one member of the New Day and one member of the Usos in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the tag titles.

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