Might WWE Be Considering Matt Riddle vs. Brock Lesnar at Super ShowDown?

I have no good authority that WWE is even contemplating this idea but closely watching some of the news and announcements coming from all parties involved, I have to ask…

‘Is WWE considering a Matt Riddle vs. Brock Lesnar match for Super ShowDown On June 7, 2019?’

Here’s why I wonder such a possibly out-in-left-field scenario:

Lesnar Says He’s Cashing in Money in Bank on Monday

WWE has announced that Lesnar will make his way to Raw this Monday and is apparently ready to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Seth Rollins. After last week where he was going to announce a challenger, but didn’t, this week it’s supposed to finally happen.

Brock Lesnar to Win Universal Title on Raw
Brock Lesnar to Win Universal Title on Raw

Some are suggesting Lesnar will win the Universal Title. I’m not so sure.

WWE likes the idea of Lesnar as the Beast Box, Brock Party character. If he wins the title he doesn’t get to keep the briefcase (unless he just carries it around for no reason). If Vince thinks this new gimmick is a winner, Lesnar winning the Universal Championship stops it dead in its tracks.

The longer WWE keeps Brock with the case, the more they can push this Brock Party persona. Something tells me we’ll be seeing it for a while.

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Riddle Says He’s Coming to Raw

Matt Riddle came off a big win at last night’s NXT Takeover: XXV. While there’s not been any talk of him coming up to the main roster, he took to social media before that PPV and said he was going to ruin Lesnar’s fun on Monday.

Riddle has been calling out Lesnar for a while. His ultimate goal is retire him and WWE has teased the idea of a match between the two before. What if Lesnar goes to cash in, Riddle interrupts and Lesnar doesn’t get his shot at the title? This could lead to an immediate feud between the two.


Lesnar Doesn’t Have an Opponent For Super ShowDown

Lesnar is advertised to be at the Super ShowDown on June 7th, but with the show only a few days away, doesn’t yet have an opponent. Riddle vs Lesnar would easily become one of the most anticipated matches on the card outside of Goldberg vs. Undertaker.

Again, I haven’t hears this is happening, but it seems like a decent idea to spice up a pay-per-view a lot of fans don’t seem to keen to watch.

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