Mick Foley To Announce New Title on Raw Tomorrow

After the Shane McMahon vs. The Miz match, WWE announced that Mick Foley will be on Raw tomorrow night to announce a new title belt for the company.

This is the first we’ve heard of any new belts coming to WWE. Could it be a Hardcore Title?

We will bring you more as we have it.

What This Means

Everyone will wonder what’s coming. How can WWE introduce another title when they already have so many? If it’s a Hardcore Title, how can a PG WWE offer that kind of match? Could it be a television title?

This seems like overkill but you can bet a number of fans will tune in to see what WWE has planned here. This is a complete shocker.

One of the things that could be interesting is if WWE goes with a 24/7 title that allows more action in conjunction with the Wild Card Rule. That would create an element of uncertainty each week as anyone could literally show up and win the belt that goes back and forth between shows.

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