Mick Foley Talks Reaction To Unveiling 24/7 Title

Mick Foley was the man given the unenviable task of revealing the 24/7 Championship to the WWE Universe. It didn’t go well.

A belt and idea that some are warming up to a touch, at first, was received with a series of boos and negative reaction. Foley did his best to combat the crowd turning on him, but there wasn’t a lot he could do. The live crowd simply wasn’t into it.

Foley recently discussed that experience when he joined Busted Open Radio for an interview. He said, “The title design was the least of the issues,” admitted Foley.

Explaining that no matter what the belt looked like, anything short of the Hardcore Championship was going to get a negative reaction, he wasn’t surprised.

Foley added:

“I was there when Stephanie McMahon and I pulled out the WWE Universal title and the crowd, who needed rest at that point, they were like five-and-a-half hours into a six-hour show or seven-hour show at SummerSlam a few years ago just spent the rest of the match chanting how the belt was stupid. The only thing stupid about it in their opinion was that it was red, so no matter what you pull out of there, unless it was that old Hardcore title, is going to be met with disinterest.”

Foley admitted that he didn’t know the whole idea behind the title was that it would be treated like a comedic portion of the show. Had he known WWE wasn’t taking it seriously, he wouldn’t have tried to deliver such a serious promo.

He did take some responsibility for putting himself in that position though. Saying he could have declined the invite, he accepted because he wanted to be on the show and help do something historic. But, if he had to make the decision again, he wouldn’t decline. “I would still go out there and [unveil the title]. I still think it is going to be fun, I think that fun has been missing in WWE programming so I think this is going to be really helpful,” Foley said.

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