Mick Foley Says He’d Do Hell in A Cell In Saudi Arabia

If the money was right, it sounds like Mick Foley would put himself through hell at least one more time. More specifically, he says he’ll wrestle for the right price in Saudi Arabia if WWE were to offer.

It’s not surprising Foley might be thinking about wrestling for big money since it was just announced that Goldberg is the latest name to be added to WWE’s trip to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Opportunities don’t come along too often and for Foley, his chance to cash in will be fewer and farther between the older and older he gets. Unlike Goldberg, he’s not exactly in peak physical condition.

Still, as one of the more entertaining WWE Superstars of the past, if there were an appetite on the part of WWE to have him, he’d certainly entertain the idea.

Foley spoke with TalkSport’s Pro Wrestling Show and when asked for his thoughts on WWE’s Saudi show, Foley said, “I can be had for a certain price.”

When asked to elaborate, Foley explained, “If they wanted a rematch of the cell badly enough and were willing to pay for it, then my god they’d probably get it.” He did also admit, WWE hasn’t asked and he’s kind of glad he’s not been put in a position to have to decide.

Would WWE Actually Ask Foley?

There’s been no hint at WWE thinking about Foley for this show in June, but, there was no hint they were thinking about Goldberg either. And, Foley is more active these days in the wrestling community than Goldberg is, so the argument is, he might be fresher.

But, a Hell in a Cell match is no little thing. It’s not like a 30-second squash match that Goldberg might be involved in. If WWE were to ask and a cell match the direction they go, there would have to be a lot of precautions taken to ensure no one got seriously injured. For that kind of money, there’s no telling what Foley might try.

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