Michael Cole Promoted By WWE

Whether it was related to his work at WrestleMania or just a promotion that was a long-time coming, Michael Cole continues to move up the totem pole in WWE.

On Monday, PWinsider.com reported that the veteran WWE announcer was given a promotion in the company along with a new title He will now be the Vice President of Announcing. Speculation is the promotion actually happened weeks ago.

Already likely the leader of WWE’s vast stable of announcers, Cole has been under contract with WWE nearly 25 years. In that time, he’s gone from a backstage interviewer to a play-by-play man to taking over for Jim Ross and flag-shipping every major show and pay-per-view WWE has to offer.

He’s also played a key role behind the scenes, a job that includes finding, recruiting and training future WWE on-air interviewers and announcers.

Congratulations to Cole on his promotion, and it will be interesting to see if his new job takes him at all away from the announce table or secures him there for a whole lot longer.

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