Matt Riddle To Debut on Raw This Week?

Whether or not WWE has any plans to debut one of the youngest and brightest NXT stars this week on Raw we don’t know, but according to that star, he’s coming. Matt Riddle posted a message on social media Friday saying he’ll be at Raw this Monday to confront Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar has been front and center these days on WWE programming as the most recent winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase. This Monday will mark the second Monday Lesnar could announce who he’ll cash that contract in on. Instead of doing so, he’s been dancing around the ring as Beast Brock with a new set of Brock Party merch and a customized briefcase shaped like a boombox.

He and his advocate Paul Heyman have teased announcing his next opponent. Both Lesnar and Heyman were set to make their announcement this past Monday but when Brock learned he had a year, he left the arena, not having announced his matchup.

A new post by Heyman promises this week’s Raw will not be another tease and an opponent will be announced.

With the announcement comes the opportunity for certain other Superstars. One member of the NXT roster has a close eye on the situation and has said he plans to come to Raw on Monday to ruin Lesnar’s announcement.

NXT star Matt Riddle posted a tweet in response to Lesnar’s announcement saying, “I’ll be there to ruin it bro. See you on Monday.”

Why Matt Riddle?

Matt Riddle has long said his dream match or ideal opponent is Brock Lesnar. In fact, Riddle has gone record saying he would like to retire Lesnar as a way to cement his legacy in WWE.

Is WWE actually considering debuting an NXT talent to start a program with Lesnar? With WWE’s sinking ratings, it’s hard to know these days.

What This Means

Riddle says he’ll be there, but will he really? He’s called out Lesnar before and nothing has come of it. Knowing that, we expect this post is Riddle just gaining some attention. But, it’s not out of the question.

If Riddle does show up, expect that he’ll stick around for a bit. WWE is likely in the midst of a panic with the popularity of AEW and the sinking ratings. If having Riddle debut will help, they’ll probably do it.

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