Matt Riddle Throws Huge Shade At Goldberg

It’s not a secret that Goldberg isn’t known as the most technical wrestler in the world. He didn’t get a s popular as he did by using incredibly complicated holds and maneuvers in his opponents. A spear, a jackhammer and a quick 1-2-3 was typically a Goldberg match.

That doesn’t necessarily mean he should be run through the ringer for it.

Up and coming NXT star Matt Riddle doesn’t agree. On Twitter Wednesday, Riddle took a huge shot at Goldberg in a tweet, targeting his “lack of wrestling” skill. Saying, “I can’t wait until your match this Friday so I can see how good you are at wrestling.”

Why Would Riddle Do This?

As you can see by the tweet, Riddle was blocked by Goldberg. Apparently, he’s still not over it. He also has a tendency to use social media to get noticed.

The most recent example was saying he was coming to Raw to ruin Brock Lesnar’s cash-in surprise.

Will Goldberg respond? He might. He too uses social media a lot. I just wouldn’t expect it to lead to any kind of match.

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