Matt Riddle Discusses Confrontation With Goldberg

Matt Riddle was a guest on WWE Along as Goldberg dismantled Dolph Ziggler in a three-minute match that saw Ziggler eat his words. When the question gets asked ‘Who’s Next?’ it appears Matt Riddle might be the answer.

During the Watch Along segment, Riddle discussed running into Goldberg backstage before his big match. Riddle described wanting to get a peek into Golberg’s dressing room only to bump shoulders with the 300-lb machine. He went on to say that Goldberg suggested they had a few things to talk about and Riddle said, “We can talk anytime you want.”

Friction between the two personalities ended when Riddle called Goldberg his “bro” and Goldberg said, “I’m not your bro.”

While there’s been documented friction between Goldberg and Riddle on social media and Riddle hasn’t been shy about sharing his distaste for the former Universal Champion, it appears much of what took place on Sunday is being orchestrated by WWE.

Speculation is that WWE filmed the entire confrontation and with buzz that Goldberg may stick around after SummerSlam, there are whispers a program between Riddle and Goldberg may be the eventual end goal.

If not, and this heat between the two is real, fans will be eagerly awaiting WWE releasing that footage, should they choose to. Riddle gave the impression the entire matchup (he watched along with Titus O’Neil and Shayna Baszler) there was some concern he’d have to run into Goldberg, he also acted as though he wasn’t worried and would destroy Goldberg should things get awkward and physical.

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