Matt Morgan Named Mayor of Longwood, Florida

Kane has some competition as the literal mayor of professional wrestling. While the Big Red Machine may have been named the mayor of Knox Country, Tennessee in the summer of 2018, he’s no longer the only active mayor with ties to professional wrestling.

Former WWE and TNA Wrestler Matt Morgan was named the mayor of Longwood, Florida on Monday after the city commissioners voted him unanimously 5-0. He was previously the deputy mayor.

“I am humbled and grateful to my fellow commissioners for believing in me,” Morgan said. “Thank you to Ben Paris [the now former-mayor who also cast his vote for Morgan] for introducing me to politics to begin with and encouraging me to go out into the community and be me.”

While Morgan had a very successful in-ring career, specifically his time with TNA Wrestling, he’s now aiming to make a difference within his community. This desire stems from his own personal experience within the community and how he plans on creating positive change and be a motivator for others.

“The first thing I did was flashback to grammar school riding the special education bus and being made fun (of),” Morgan said. “It always made me feel lesser than others, but now it has come full circle. I really believe if you are willing to put in the work, you are able to punch your own ticket and do whatever you want to do with your life one day.”

While Morgan may be the new mayor, he doesn’t plan on doing everything alone. He plans on working closely with the other commissioners and the residents of Longwood to strengthen the community.

“I’m going to tell you the exact same thing I said when I was sworn into the city commissioner seat 1 1/2 years ago: We are a team of five here in Longwood. Each responsible represents one finger on a hand, and when you ball that up, it forms a fist, an undeniable, an [impenatrable], unbreakable fist who carries out the wishes of our Longwood residents.”

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