Hardy Boyz to Address Rumors & Jeff Hardy’s Status on SmackDown

Matt Hardy would take to Twitter on Monday to let fans know that he and his brother Jeff would be addressing rumors and Jeff Hardy’s status moving forward on SmackDown Live this week. This comes with speculation surrounding Jeff and a potential knee injury he may have suffered recently which has limited the Hardy Boyz exposure on television.

The Hardy Boyz would win the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships from the Usos just a few weeks ago but despite this, Jeff’s rumored injury has limited what the company has been able to do with them ever since. The status of Jeff and the tag team titles will be addressed Tuesday on SmackDown Live and will likely clear the air for all concerns that fans still have about the situation.

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Despite Jeff’s absence, Matt has still been wrestling at live shows and representing the Hardy Boyz in his classic ring attire. This bodes well for WWE keeping the pair together even if Jeff is hurt, but surgery could force the company to change their plans in a hurry as Matt is too talented to keep off of television while Jeff heals.

Time will tell but it will definitely be worth tuning into SmackDown Live on Tuesday to see what the extreme duo has to say. Especially if we won’t be seeing Jeff on WWE television for a while if surgery is the eventual future for the charismatic enigma.

With SmackDown Live light on tag team talent in the men’s division right now, the future of the Championships will also be illuminating and a team like Heavy Machinery could ultimately be the recipients of a big-time push due to being in the right place at the right time. Again, only time will tell.

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