Matt Hardy Walks Jericho Though What He’s Got Planned For AEW

Matt Hardy was the latest guest on the Talk is Jericho podcast and he spoke specifically about his decision to jump to AEW and his creative plans moving forward. All we can say after listening to this interview is that WWE just lost an insanely creative talent and they’re probably going to regret it.

Hardy walked Jericho through his thoughts on debuting in AEW, the audible he and Jericho had to call when the drone segment didn’t quite go over as planned and how different AEW feels than WWE after just one day.

Hardy noted that AEW is very laid back and that on his first day, he said, “Hey, I’m thinking about doing this!” and AEW’s response was “That sounds great!” and Hardy explained, it’s nice to be able to do “your thing and be you.”

Hardy Has Big Plans For Broken Matt

Jericho asked how excited Hardy is to feel like he’ll be free to do creatively whatever he wants and Hardy walked the former AEW Champion through some of his ideas, many of which left Jericho almost speechless.

Explaining that Hardy’s idea for Broken Matt came from an idea he stole from the television show True Blood, Hardy was fascinated by vampires living in different time periods. He figured he could parlay that over into a wrestling character, envisioning a world where his personality had different vessels that lived in different time periods and each would be different from the other. Hardy took a look at how that character might work and change over time and Broken Matt was born.

He stated that everything he’s done to this date and with every promotion, events have impacted that character.

Just prior to coming to AEW, in his Free The Delete videos, his latest vessel Zenith was killed off by Kennagen and Abomination and, moving forward, he’ll be Damascus in AEW. The origins of that character are interesting, Hardy calling him a more destructive character who originates in 999 BC.

Damascus will lead to other characters and other time periods. He sees a lot of vignettes and promos taking place from the Hardy Compound and they will include House Hardy (his wife, son and Senior Benjamin). “I feel like going forward, I want to look into the mind of Broken Matt”.

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