Matt Hardy Reveals He Can Still Work For NJPW

One of the interesting aspects of Matt Hardy’s new contract with AEW, and likely one of the reasons he signed with the company, is because he can still wrestle for New Japan Pro Wrestling, should he wish.

While answering a fan remark on Twitter, Hardy said, “My contract would allow that. Truth be told, I’d love the opportunity to perform on a NJPW WrestleKingdom show in some capacity.”

This was in response to the fan asking if they can just get one show in New Japan?

If Hardy does what a lot of AEW stars are doing and wrestles for both New Japan and AEW, it would see him tackle two things on his bucket list at one time. First, he’d get the creative license AEW is offering to help develop his Broken Matt gimmick on a larger scale. Second, he’d get to wrestle for NJPW which is a promotion he listed as one of his possible options when his WWE contract expired.

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