Matt Hardy Responds To Fans Who Say He Inspired WrestleMania Boneyard Match

Matt Hardy is receiving a lot of praise Saturday night. Mostly because fans watched the Boneyard Match at WrestleMania 36 and knew they were seeing something inspired by the former WWE Superstar who is now in AEW.

WWE probably won’t admit it. In fact, they’ll likely never acknowledge it. But, most fans will know that Matt Hardy’s videos and the way he recreated his character using a similar production style showed WWE this kind of thing could work. And, when the COVID-19 virus struck and WWE needed creative ways to change up some of their matches, Hardy had already shown, this was an option.

After night one of WrestleMania 36, the Boneyard Match was being hailed by most fans as a great production, a wise choice and wildly entertaining. Fans and wrestlers alike were suggesting this might have been the best thing WWE has done in some time.

At the same, many fans didn’t want Hardy to think his contributions doing these types of matches and promos for years was going to go unnoticed. They blew up his social media feeds with praise saying he was why this match was even possible.

Hardy responded. Saying, “My twitter feed exploded. Thanks for all the love, folks.. I’m truly honored. Cinematic matches 100% work with the right characters, scenario & fanbase – I envisioned them as a new branch of pro wrestling years ago.”

Where Will WWE Take This?

Perhaps after WrestleMania, fans never get to see this type of production again. Or, perhaps WWE realizes there’s a silver lining that can come out of this drastic change to WrestleMania.

If WWE notices they’ve stumbled onto something the fans absolutely love, who’s to say there’s not a character built in this fashion? Why not have more matches like it?

The production value and resources WWE can invest to hold these types of bouts is incredible. One can only hope they see that there would be a big return on their investment.

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