Matches Sure To Let Us Down at WrestleMania 35

With only a few days to go before WrestleMania 35 and with a card that is seemingly still being thrown together, for the first time in a long time, WWE is giving the impression they’ve only half-thought through what they want to do at their biggest offering of the year. As such, some of the matches the WWE Universe is supposed to be most looking forward to may turn out to be real disappointments.

We shouldn’t really be surprised. After all, there are rumored to be as many as 17 based on the sheer quantity of matches, the odds simply dictate that some of them will be duds. For every Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe or AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton that should be great, there are three or four matches that will leave us wanting.

Looking at the card WWE has put together so far, we’ll do our best to predict the matches that may be stinkers. If you know this going in, and a glass-is-half-empty mentality, perhaps you won’t be so let down. Better yet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it turns out we were wrong.

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins


Lesnar vs. Rollins might be the most under-promoted title match WWE has offered for a WrestleMania in some time. While Rollins is a gamer, one has to think if the company isn’t going to try and sell this match as a must-see, what’s to suggest Lesnar — who at the best of times offers up a 50/50 effort — is going to come to play.

Lesnar hasn’t always hit it out of the park on the biggest stage WWE offers (think to last year against Roman Reigns) and while Rollins is much more likely to get a strong match out of Lesnar, it might not be the actual in-ring action that let’s us down, but the result.

Whispers are going around that Lesnar is going to retain the title. If he does, expect 70,000 people to be incredibly angry. No longer someone fans seem willing to get behind, and certainly not the attraction he once was, the luster of Lesnar is gone and it’s time for a new champ to take his place and wrestle full-time on the flagship show. WWE should have pushed much more heavily the idea that Rollins wanted to bring the title to tv every week and in the shine that is Rousey and Lynch, that was all lost.

Lesnar will probably win. What a bummer.

Triple H vs. Batista


Unlike Rollins vs. Lesnar, this match has seen its fair share of promotion. Considering how little time these two actually spent going back and forth and without any actual physical interaction to speak of, WWE has done a decent job of garnering interest in the match.

They’ve added a number of stipulations but the downer might be the latest addition which is that Triple H’s career is now on the line. That twist actually has the opposite affect WWE probably wanted and it now makes the outcome much more predictable.

The No-Holds-Barred style will hide any inefficiencies either wrestler may have but the match outcome itself now heavily leans in the favor of The Game.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal


The minute Colin Jost and Michael Che were officially added to this match, it became the Saturday Night Live vs. Monster Among Men show. Being sacrificed are 17 other WWE Superstars who are now sidekicks to a comedy show that will bring down the entire match.

The Battle Royal (outside of the first one) was never really a show-stealer but at least WWE wasn’t trying to make it obvious that they treated the contest like a joke. It certainly is now and fans should expect Strowman will plow through everyone to somehow not get his hands on two guys were not really sure why he’s mad at anyways.

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

If this match goes ahead as scheduled, expect the crowd to chew Corbin alive. Sure, it’s not his fault he was given this stage or that Kurt Angle is a shadow of what he once was in the ring, but the fans in New Jersey will be merciless and this is not the way Angle should have gone out.


There is a very real probability that the other shoe drops in this match. It could be the appearance of John Cena or help from other wrestlers but, if for some reason, WWE does not add something here, this could be the crapfest of the night.

Sorry Kurt, you deserved much better.

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