Master P Buys House Of Glory Wrestling

Master P has acquired House Of Glory Wrestling and it’s sending the wrestling world into a tailspin.

It’s not at big of a deal, but considering it comes on the heels of All Elite Wrestling’s TV debut last week, anyone with money doing big things in professional wrestling will be news. For those who don’t remember, Master P and his No Limit Soldiers made their debut on WCW Nitro back in the late 90s.

This also culminated with an unmasked Rey Mysterio.

Oh, the days. In an interview posted to his Instagram page, Master P, whose real name is Percy Miller said they are “…bringing hip-hop to wrestling”.

In an effort to get more details about the acquisition, I reached out to House of Glory Wrestling earlier today. In an email reply, House of Glory’s Brian Baez said, “On behalf on House of Glory Wrestling I can confirm that Master P is now an owner of House of Glory Wrestling. More details will be [released] soon.”

Is this just another business for Master P? Maybe…

 This is just one of the many acquisitions Master P has made recently.

Last month, it was reported by Black Enterprise that he opened a restaurant called “Big Poppa Burgers”. He’s also in the shoe, film, and sports business. 

Earlier this summer, he hosted a celebrity basketball game during the Essence Festival. This year marked the third year of the event.  He is doing what comes naturally: Getting his piece of the action, especially if it’s trending. 

Even though he wants to be a credible threat to the WWE brand, that’s gonna take some work. Hey, it’s good press though. It would be interesting to see if he lands a local TV deal for House of Glory Wrestling.  I remember this guy from his “Bout It Bout It” days.

It was the 90s. We lived.

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