Maria Kanellis Hints Contract Done, She and Mike Leaving WWE

Like many before her who have used social media as an outlet, Maria Kanellis hinted about the future of her contract with WWE. Saying her contract was up soon, she hinted that she and husband Mike Kanellis are leaving.

AEW is drawing a lot of attention. With it, more and more WWE Superstars will look to leave what Dustin Rhodes called the “prison” that is WWE and find greener pastures with the competition. For the lucky ones whose contract are expiring in WWE, there might be an opportunity.

Assuming AEW wants these competitors, stars like Maria and Mike Kanellis will hint at leaving WWE and head to the company that will call TNT its home in October.

On Monday, just prior to Raw, Kanellis took to Twitter to say, “Contracts are up in 3 weeks. Just saying…

She sent out two additional tweets of “Yay friends!! Or is it fear? Or bitterness? With the limited time I have left on #205Live I plan to spend it on causing chaos. Why? Boredom.” and, “Been thinking a lot about a bigger purpose. “If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?” -Hamilton”

Was Kanellis Being Serious?

When someone asked to clarify her comments, Kanellis responded, “Our gym memberships” when talking about which memberships were expiring. Perhaps that was her way of putting out the fire she likely caused with her comments.

Then again, with she and her husband done in three weeks, there’s not much she likely has to worry about. That is, unless WWE chooses to extend her contract for the time she was out pregnant.

If the company chooses to do so, it will likely be because they didn’t appreciate her going to social media and subtly bashing her employer.

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