Maria Kanellis Explains Re-Signing With WWE Despite Unhappiness

Maria Kanellis re-signed with WWE despite being unhappy with the way she and her husband Mike were being used. It surprised a lot of fans when they stayed with the company despite their unhappiness and she addressed her decision on social media to explain.

Both Maria and Mike signed five-year deals and because fans started calling her out for staying after complaining, Maria took to social media to explain the couple’s decision.

“At the end of the day, WWE was where I started and it’s where I wanted to complete my career,” she said. As many assumed, the offer was likely more enough money to find it hard to say no. She added, “And when they came to the table with the opportunity to have a family and career it sealed the deal. People think they know everything but it’s all in the details.”

When fans then called Maria out for complaining about her situation then re-signing anyways, she responded. She said:

I’ll still “complain” I have freedom of speech. I also have the ability to change things by using my voice. I.e. first woman to sign a contract with ROH, first woman to work long term with New Japan, etc… you may not like it. But I don’t do it for you.

She added, “Talking to the company and stirring the pot on Twitter are not mutually exclusive. You can do both.” Proving that reports about her decision were merely speculation, she added,  “You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Twitter is just one tool in the toolbox. Plus, people like you that don’t get it, never will.”

Maria Has the Right to Complain and Sign

Maria really doesn’t need to explain herself or owe anyone anything. Regardless of the reasons she took to Twitter to voice her displeasure with WWE, it worked. Her and Mike are now secure with long-term extensions and they are happy, having another baby in the near future.

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