Major Changes to WWE Writing Staff

This has been an interesting week for the writing staff in WWE. First, PWInsider has reported that while the Hall of Fame ceremony was going on, Vince McMahon fired a writer backstage. Robert Evans, who was paired with Bret Hart for the ceremony, was apparently terminated after The Hitman mentioned Mr. McMahon during his speech. That’s a big no-no during Hall of Fame speeches and apparently enough to get someone fired.

Then, on Thursday, Road Dogg Jesse James stepped down as lead writer for SmackDown Live. In a cryptic tweet that didn’t mention him taking himself out of the role, there was a reference to a massive change in his life and finally getting to relax.

James informed WWE officials that he was stepping down on Wednesday as WrestleMania 35 Week came to an end. The final straw appears to be the amount of work he was putting in only to have his ideas changed last minute by Vince and on Tuesday’s post-WrestleMania edition of the SmackDown, he had seen enough.

As of this writing, there has been no word on whether or not James will leave the WWE writing team entirely or if he is just transitioning into another role. There also isn’t an indication as to who might be taking his spot, if anyone does.

As for Evans, he was reportedly well liked by those who worked with him backstage. His previous experience before joining the writing team in 2016 was having worked on the indies as RD Evans and Archibald Peck.

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