[Rumor]: Luke Harper to Join Firefly Fun House?

Bray Wyatt revealed on social media that he’s working on finding a place on his new hit show for Luke Harper.

Over the past two weeks, Bray Wyatt has made a huge comeback on WWE programming. His new character and new show have all the signs of being a hit for WWE and his “kids” tv show called FireFly Fun House is extremely unique. Unfortunately, Bray’s old running buddy, Luke Harper, hasn’t had much of anything going on.

Harper is so disappointed in his slot with the company, he went public with his request to be released from his WWE contract. It was denied. Not only that, 6 months were added to his deal thanks to the time he missed due to injury.

A fan made a comment to Wyatt on Twitter that he needs to bring Harper in on his new gimmick. He wrote, “@WWEBrayWyatt I know you’ve been a bad person in the past. Maybe it’s time for one of your other brothers to be a guest on the #FireFlyFunHouse @LukeHarperWWE I believe you owe the children an explanation #FoodForThought

Wyatt has a pretty good history or talking to fans on Twitter and responded. The response might be a sign of things to come if Wyatt gets his way. Wyatt said, “I agree! I’m working on it.”

Would WWE Actually Do This?

Depending on your take on what makes Firefly Fun House episodes so special, you may or may not love this idea. Not having Wyatt work with anyone he’s been associated with in the past keeps things fresh. Adding Harper back into the mix simply puts Wyatt with a familiar face. Some will argue it becomes much of what fans already know.

That said, Wyatt and Harper work well together and Harper needs this. Since WWE seems to have nothing for him, Wyatt is probably just trying to do his friend a solid.

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