Luke Harper Can’t be That Bad

WWE Superstar Luke Harper wants you to know that for each day that passes, you know what that means. And, we do. It means, sooner than later, he’ll be free of his WWE contract and hopefully back in a wrestling ring… somewhere.

Until then, he sits at home fully healthy, and still on payroll. He was a part of The Wyatt Family, one of the best stables the WWE has had in a long time.  Last year, he and Rowan, repackaged as the Bludgeon Brothers, won the Tag Team Championships. He’s a former Intercontinental Champion, and looked good in singles competition. Dave Meltzer said in his latest Wrestling Observer Radio episode Vince McMahon does not see any value in using Harper. He’s probably done with WWE programming. And don’t think  you’re going to get any information from Rowan. Whatever heat is on Harper, Rowan wants none of it. According to an Wrestling Inc. article published this week, he’s got no clue what’s going on with Harper. He’s denial of knowing him though was rough, considering the impact The Wyatt family has had in the WWE Universe.

What could have ticked off the boss man? I found myself looking back at this tweet from Harper earlier this year:

Luke Harper On Lockdown Because of AEW?

The running theory is Vince doesn’t want Harper to jump ship for as long as he can help it. Harper’s contract was extended to April of next year. This was to allegedly compensate for his time injured. AEW’s premiere on TNT is on the horizon, and it’s speculated Harper might join them. So no, Luke Harper is not a bad guy from what I’ve read and seen. He’s in the middle of several situations: A brand war, wanting to explore options, and getting back work. If you don’t play along this is obviously what happens. `

It can’t be just what he said, can it? WWE Superstars say things on social media all the time. Why is Harper being singled out?

It’s a very odd situation, to say the least.

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