Luke Harper Has Asked For His WWE Release

Luke Harper is the latest WWE Superstar to ask for his WWE release. Harper took to social media on Tuesday and posted a note to WWE fans saying that he thinks it’s best he move on and that this decision “feels right for myself and WWE.”

As of this writing, WWE has not responded with comments of their own.

This news comes in the midst of WWE’s Superstar Shake-up and it has to be assumed that Harper must not have been in any of the company’s plans. With former Wyatt Family members Bray getting vignettes on tv and Erick Rowan working with Daniel Bryan, Harper was the odd man out thanks to injuries that left him with no storylines or ideas to work with. The final member of the family, Braun Strowman, has become one of WWE’s biggest stars and there was no way he’d be getting back together with Harper.

A talented big man that most fans believe was under-utilized by WWE, if he’s granted his release, there should be no shortage of promotions willing to bring him in. From Impact Wrestling to AEW, Harper has a lot to offer a company and WWE may have missed the boat.

In the end, Harper is a great wrestler who won’t really be missed if he’s not in WWE. The company likely had no major plans for him and like Tye Dillinger or Hideo Itami, Vince and co. will probably let him walk if he feels he’s not in the right place.


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