Letter to WWE Superstars: Stop Teasing Your Exit on Twitter

We don’t often use foul language on this site (practically never) but there are certain times that situations call for stronger words than we might normally use. In the case of WWE Superstars teasing their exits from WWE on social media, we can’t find a better way to describe how we’re feeling that the sentence below:

‘Cut it out, we don’t give a shit.’

It seems like WWE Superstars are starting to agree with this sentiment as well. Just today, Braun Strowman said essentially the same thing to Kalisto who used his social media platform to tell the world he was going to be a free agent in 10 months. A WWE guy through and through, Strowman isn’t exactly shy about letting people know what he’s thinking. In this case, if Kalisto (and, as it was later learned, Gran Metalik) wants to leave, Strowman used one word to share his thoughts on the matter: “Adios”.

Strowman Was Trying to Send a Message

WWE Superstars talking about leaving WWE is nothing new. What is new is that other Superstars within the WWE locker room aren’t taking to kindly to the practice of airing grievances on platforms like Twitter.

While Jon Moxley refrained from talking smack about WWE until his contract was over, he laid the smackdown on them after he was gone. Former associates like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are starting to punch back and stand up for a company they love.

When Maria Kannelis took to social media to say her contract was about to expire, the technique seemed to work. But, many are making an argument that she and her husband aren’t exactly being rewarded by WWE after signing their extensions. Maybe this is happening, maybe it’s not. But it will. At some point, WWE will keep someone just to make them look like idiots on television.

Apparently, Strowman has seen and heard enough.

Braun Strowman to Main Event WrestleMania 36
Braun Strowman to Main Event WrestleMania 36

Kalisto Needs to Understand Something

The whole practice of sharing your WWE contract situation on Twitter has become somewhat old and tiresome. Some will argue it’s a platform WWE Superstars should use since they aren’t getting a platform on tv to try and get themselves over. In Kalisto’s case, it’s not a wise move.

Understanding Kalisto might not be happy, he should be careful what he wishes for. First, telling the world your contract is expiring and thus suggesting you might be leaving only works well if fans want you to stay. Judging from the responses to his post, fans don’t care.

Second, you open yourself up to having to deal with someone like Braun Strowman. If all Strowman does is say “#Adios” on Twitter, consider yourself lucky. If he’s truly trying to become a locker room leader, Kalisto should probably expect a conversation the next time he and Strowman meet up.

** Perhaps worried about the wrath of the Monster Among Men, Kalisto seems to have already removed the tweet.

Guys Like Kalisto Should Do the Ethical Thing

If you’re not happy, leave. Either wait out your deal like Moxley did and explore your options when you’re permitted and able to. In the meantime, shut up about it.

WWE Superstars look like whiny babies when they take to social media to let the world know they aren’t “being treated fairly” or that they have plans to ditch WWE once they can. Good on you, most of us don’t care.

Strowman recently signed a WWE contract extension, as did Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Gallows and Anderson, Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, The Miz and many more. Clearly, there’s something about WWE they like. WWE will be offering other contracts to Superstars to stay and whether these stars accept for the money or simply because they never wanted to leave in the first place, each will have their own reasons for doing what they do.

In the end, if Kalisto is trying to get leverage to get a new deal and join the group of stars who just renewed, he should tread carefully. At some point, there’s going to be a Superstar WWE doesn’t bother trying to keep. While they’ve let Shawn Spears and Dustin Rhodes go, most of those stars whose contracts are due are being offered extensions. Do you really want to be the first one who isn’t?

So, when WWE Superstars like Kalisto and Gran Metalik take to Twitter to say they are 10 months away from becoming free agents, and a guy like Strowman bothers to respond, but essentially says ‘who cares’, you might want to keep quiet and do your job.

Even if you are renewed, the rest of the locker room won’t be to happy with you.

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