LAX Reportedly Finished With Impact, Draw Interest From WWE/AEW

According to a new report from the Wrestling Observer’s daily updates, LAX, the team consisting of Santana and Ortiz, have worked their last show for Impact Wrestling.

Both wrestlers have reportedly drawn interest from WWE and AEW in the past, which makes sense given how successful the duo has been during their time in Impact Wrestling. Santana and Ortiz both joined LAX in March of 2017 and went on to hold the Impact World Tag Team Championships for the longest reign (at 261 days) and longest combined reign (at 662 days across four different stints as Champions).

It isn’t surprising to see WWE express interest in the two given how the company has looked to scoop up just about every talented Indy talent out there over the last few years. As for AEW, it also makes sense to see interest given the importance that tag team wrestling has seemed to have early on in the promotion.

Wherever this team lands, the most important thing will be to let them work their own style.

An interesting note that’s important to mention is that LAX and The Lucha Bros have experience working together in Impact Wrestling. If that connection can lure LAX to AEW then this would be a big win for the up-and-coming alternative company.

In all reality, it would probably be better for all parties if LAX ended up in AEW due to their usage of tag teams as opposed to WWE’s continued fumbling of the division.

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