Latest on Rumors of Enzo and Cass Returning to WWE

Early on Thursday, a report surfaced that the former NXT Tag Team known as Enzo and Big Cass were talking to WWE about a possible return. The duo had apparently been in talks to return to Full Sail as part of the NXT brand, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Later on Thursday, Pro Wrestling Sheet tweeted and wrote a report that the rumors were not true and that a source directly in WWE had denied having reached out to either Enzo or Cass.

This became news so Cass decided to tweet a response, simply saying “Idiots”. It wasn’t clear if he was speaking to WWE about denying the reports or the Wrestling Observer for reporting a false story, but it was clear he was upset by something.

Why Was This Even a Story?

It makes sense that this became a story rather quickly. The idea here is that NXT needs stars for their two-hour show and it would have been a massive shocker if WWE had reached out to Cass and Enzo and wanted to have them return. No one would have expected it considering their history.

For fans that hated the idea, it looks like you don’t have to worry. Enough of the parties have commented by now to make it pretty obvious this is not something should expect to see happen.

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