Lashley Comments on WrestleMania Being Two Nights From Now On

Another WWE Superstar has weighed in on the potential of WrestleMania being two nights going forward. After this year’s show was forced to become a two-night event due to “prevailing circumstances” WWE might be realizing that they’ve stumbled upon an idea that could work for the company and fans.

During an interview with ViBe & Wrestling, Bobby Lashley commented on if Wrestlemania should continue to be a multiple-night event in the future:

“I would say yes across the board, and I would say yes because we have so much talent that is available. There’s a lot of guys sitting at home right now that are hugely talented not even being able to get a match on RAW. So yes, if we have an opportunity to bring everyone out and do more storylines and see it for two days, that would be incredible.”

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WWE Is Sort Of Already Doing It Says Lashley

“But if you think about it, we kind of do it right now because we have the NXT show, and the NXT show right before WrestleMania is kind of like another WrestleMania in itself. So maybe just integrate some more people here and there, or maybe make RAW and SmackDown be the focus of WrestleMania, I don’t know. They could do four days, and I don’t think the fans would lose anything with four days. They could do it Friday, Saturday, Sunday and mix everything up, like they’re doing now, and if they did that I think it would be a great show. I think there is just so much talent and so much entertainment that I think they could do it.”

He added that he’s looking forward to watching the Drew and Brock Lesnar match because he’s got history with Drew and would like to see he fares against Brock and it’s always been Bobby and Brock. “I’d like to see someone I’ve trained with go with someone who’s been my silent nemesis the entire time.” He also adds that he likes Randy and Edge will be awesome.

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